Paul Bruelle

My approach to design is human-centered.
My roots and my sensitivity help me to create uniques objects that are a source of softness, balance and well-being.
Paul Bruelle

Paul Bruelle


As a young designer, I am inspired by my native land of the Vosges to express my sensitivity through the creation of design objects and furniture centered on the human, by playing with shapes, colors, materials, lights…


Cova means "hatching" in Italian, like the birth of a creation. The aerial beauty of Cova, as in nature, makes the complexity of its technical development disappear.

paul bruelle design table zoom coté table cova v4 min 02


The result of a partnership with the Henryot & Cie Manufacture, the Curve collection furnitures were sculpted around a perpetual ribbon of ash olive tree.

paul bruelle design visuels table curve closeup 6 15


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